Key Dates

Abstract Submission

Abstracts submission deadline is May 17, 2020. You can submit the abstracts by email: If abstracts are selected, authors will receive an email confirming their abstracts having been accepted.

Instructions for submitted abstracts as follows:
● Abstract can only be submitted online by the above email.
● Abstract can be typed in English or Chinese.
● The complete abstract, including one figure or one table, must not exceed the box space.
● Type the text, including tables and figures, in single-line spacing and using Times New Roman 11. Don’t use smaller type.
● Title: Spell out the title words, don’t use abbreviations.
● Text: Begin the text on a new line and indent three spaces. The text should be arranged to the following headings: objective, design and method, result and conclusions.
● Abstract will not be printed unless registration documents and payments fees in full are set up.
● Abstracts must not have been presented, accepted for presentation, or published in whole or part in any other scientific venue.
Noticefication of acceptance or rejection
Noticefication of acceptance or rejection will be sent to the corresponding author within a month after we receive the abstracts.
Please note that corresponding author will receive information concerning the abstract.
For any further information, please contact: